Wednesday, January 15, 2020

We Have Had To Move Again :-S

As of December 2019, I have unfortunately had to move my blog again, this time totally away from Blogspot, due to technical problems with posting on Facebook and by no means because I didn't like the platform. Seeing the good side in everything, my fabulous web designer has made me an amazing new permanent website and you may now find me at:

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Holiday

Christmas is celebrated by different religions and even non-religions and under many different names. And so I will wish my readers Happy Holiday instead of Happy Christmas this year. That will include absolutely the whole world in my good wishes and the good energy with which I write this.

Sunday, December 22, 2019


When I ordered MIXTILES for the first time on Black Friday, both my son and I were looking forward to their delivery. The package arrived by courier within a week and my son happened to be with his dad that day. I patiently waited for him to come in the evening so that we could open them together. However he didn’t even give me a chance and quickly opened my two packages before I could stop what I was doing!

He excitedly pulled out each one and I could see how adequately packaged they were for protection. I was thrilled to see too, that the square tiles came in smart lightweight framing, uniform size and with a good quality print for the photos. They were worth every dollar, even should I have paid full price, and I was delighted to find they fulfilled their promise of attaching to the wall easily through the tape on the back, which saved me quite a few euro in CommandTM strips, which I usually buy to hang up small decorative items with.

The catch with anything decorative is that it might look superb and then prove a pain to put up. Given the MIXTILES adhesive is a very sticky and strong one, I had no problem hanging up my tiles, though I must say they are not easy to stick and remove and stick again as per the adverts, at least not when attaching them to gypsum finished walls such as we have in Malta. When I did want to move one a slight bit, some of the paint peeled off with the adhesive but luckily remains hidden after I re-stuck the MIXTILE to the wall.

The only other tricky bit was the size. Or rather, that they are actually NOT 20cm squares but measure to almost 21.5cm on each side so it is lucky that I tend to recheck everything before doing anything as it would have thrown my design off track given I wanted my MIXTILES hung in intervals around a frame of a different size.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It’s Ok To Not Like Christmas

There, I said it. No, I don’t like Christmas. There isn’t any reason apart from that I don’t see the point of it. Yes Christ was born on Christmas Day (no he wasn’t, it was a Pagan feast that Christians adopted for their ‘own’ special day!) Also, put that way, then only Christians would celebrate Christmas.

When I was young, I saw a lot of pressure put on present-buying, decorations all over the streets to lure even more buying, an anticipation of what presents Father Christmas would get me and my brother in the night. And then there was the party. A Christmas Party. An extended-family party.

So yes, as a kid I liked Christmas, even because I got to meet all my cousins and play and eat stuffed olives and mussels and get a load of presents from just everywhere! Please, don’t tell me that is what we ought to be teaching kids! I never, and I repeat never ever, associated Christmas with religion as much as with the partying and gifts. Yes the Catholic school I went to preached the birth of Jesus and we always put up a concert. Yes they did make us attend a special Advent Mass and light the purple and pink candles and gave us a chart to write or draw in whenever we did a good deed.

Seriously? Is this what it amounts to? Waiting for Christmas-time to be charitable, to meet up with people you love and to ‘have to’ meet the people you don’t especially want to mingle with because they give you a bad vibe whether it is Christmas or not? Also to grumble about being ‘soooo broke’ in January?!

Chrismas is meant to be a time for family and friends, for stopping from the daily grind and for sharing. But truly, let me ask you something… aren’t those all things we should be doing all year round?!

Friday, December 13, 2019

BB De Rohan, A Welcoming Experience!

I am starting this entry sitting on the extra comfortable bed (believe me I took a nap that lasted over two hours!) in one of the bedrooms of the BB De Rohan in Zebbug (Malta), where I spent a weekend break.

We all need to deflate sometimes, get away from the routine and maybe even focus a bit more on ourselves and our needs (as well as on my career in my case).

Therefore given this was a short notice thing and flights to London are highly priced at this time of year, I had what turned out to be the brilliant idea of contacting an old colleague of mine about visiting her Bed and Breakfast, which being in Haz-Zebbug, was also far enough from home and in a spot of the island I had never visited before.

As my readers know, I practice Gratitude all the time because it helps me be my happiest self. Therefore given that I have been so happy during this stay at the B&B, as well as that the place really is as amazing as it looked on the website, I couldn’t not extend the offer of a blog post about it.

The room that turned out to be ‘mine’ for the weekend was a small cosy one with a wallpaper that had ‘Me’ spelt all over it! In fact it became the impromptu background for the first vlog post in my new ‘Feel Good’ series. I will be sharing said vlog post later on this month.

Room aside, the whole quaint house had a feel to it that was earthy, old and yet comfortably new all at once, complete with my fave style of decor. I mean truly, no one could have designed a B&B that resonated with me as well as this one did!

Complete with tea box and kettle on the landing to the first floor, as well as daily chocolate chip cookies in my room to enhance my stay, this place is what vintage dreams are made of! In fact, I was happier to snap pics of the place than selfies this one time. :-D

In addition to the photos I took myself, I am also linking here below the website of the B&B so that you may browse through some of the rooms available as well as for contact details to book your stay. Whether you are a native Maltese else visiting from abroad, I promise, you will find this Bed and Breakfast top notch!

Click here: BB De Rohan

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Attract Abundance (a guest post by Antoinette Camilleri)

I wish this was my post, especially since the Law of Attraction is something that not only fascinates me but has actually changed my life once I knew of its existence. However, Attracting Abundance is something I am still working on myself, so I am not qualified enough to properly explain how to get to it with the use of LoA. Further to this, Life Coach and LoA Practitioner Antoinette Camilleri is also much more knowledgeable about the Law of Attraction than myself so for this time, I will be directing my readers to a guest article about this wondrous Universal Rule. Enjoy the read!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Time Pockets

As of some months ago and upon the suggestion of a friend, I started following Paula Pant from I subscribed to her newsletter and diligently check each entry I receive, given she gives much sound advice regarding money matters.

Her latest tackled an issue that has, up to now, been mind-boggling to me and probably to many of my readers too. I am talking about the issue of time and time-pockets that we waste daily. Where did today go?!

Paula tried an experiment. After calculating that any full time employee who must account also for travelling time to and from work as well as eating and sleep-time still has many hours a week left to tackle anything else, she went about checking how come SHE, who worked from home, seemed to be ‘losing’ pockets of time. Her experiment involved documenting how she spends every single 15 minutes in order to find out more about which are her time-wasting triggers.

Now I don't believe in linear time (much to the chagrin of my friends, who stop our text conversations as soon as I tell them 'Time does not exist!') In fact, I wrote a blog post questioning time itself, which you may find here: The Unimportance of Time. However we are living in a society and that brings about with it the concept of a 24-hour day that we 'must', in our own different ways, adhere to.

The idea of Paula's experiment at first brought the usual snarky remark to my mind: Yeah, but she doesn’t have children, little does she know! And in fact, my guess is she doesn’t. However she does probably put in more work hours than I do and her experiment started out to prove that even those in full-time employment still have time to spare if they figure out how they are actually spending their post-work day. So I decided I will give it a go myself and track my every waking hour to maximise productivity. Productivity to me still takes into account that I need time to rest and recharge, meditate, read and similar endeavours  I just wish to see what time-wasting pockets (other than the hours I spend chasing my son to eat, do his homework and go to sleep) I am guilty of allowing.

I will be starting this experiment on a Friday morn (the most systematic day of the week for me!) and following through a whole week. Since I tend to do anything in bursts of ten minutes, I decided my chart will be divided into pockets of tens rather than fifteen as per Paula’s original suggestion. I will later be documenting my findings on here.

You may check out the result of this experiment on my new blog here:

We Have Had To Move Again :-S

As of December 2019, I have unfortunately had to move my blog again, this time totally away from Blogspot, due to technical problems with p...